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        • AR 403 Header EN

        AR 403 Overview

        AR 403


        The ERWEKA All-Purpose system is based on a powerful drive unit available in two versions. The various attachments can be easily and quickly connected by means of a coupling.

        The drive unit AR 403 is equipped with a three-phase AC motor. The sturdy ball bearing worm gear drive is completely maintenance free and provides an output torque of max. 23 Nm. The unit features electronic speed control, variable between 20 and 400 rpm. A digital dial regulates the speed.

        Through permanent nominal/actual adjustment the preselected speed is kept, even under varying load. The AR 403-S is similar to the AR 403, but has a different drive train. This connection is designed for heavy use.

        Available options:

        • Foot switch
        • IQ/OQ/PV documents

        AR 403 r&d

        R&D and Small Scale Production

        The ideal solution

        ERWEKA’s All-Purpose equipment is ideal for small scale production in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries. In addition, it fits perfect into R&D and the development of powder tablets, ointments, crèmes and more. The modular design is compact, economical and offers a powerful motor drive with a wide ideal for R&D and small scale production range of easily interchangeable attachments for various purposes.


        AR 403 Universal Gear

        Universal Gear

        Extends for even more

        The universal gear is required for adjusting the angle of operation (0-80°) and for speed reduction (1:6).

        The UG is required for the operation of

        • Coating pan (DKE/S)
        • Polishing drum (PT)
        • Cube mixer (KB 15/20/S)
        • Pelletizer (GTE)
        • Ball mills (KM 0)
        • Double cone mixer (DKM)


        Various, versatile attachements for all purposes.


        Technical details.

         AR 403 / AR 403-s
        Torque robust / -S for heavy use
        Voltage/Frequency 230V 50/60 Hz
        115 V/60 Hz
         Width  450 mm
         Length  400 mm
         Height  440 mm
         Weight  30 kg
         Motor type  Three-phase AC motor
         Power  740 W
        Tropics insulation Class F
        RPM 20-400 rpm
        Tolerance rpm (coasting) +/- 1 rpm
        Gear type Worm gear
        Output 20-400 rpm
        Gear max. torque 23 Nm
        Efficiency 89 %
        Timer: possible time setting Hours/minutes
        Set time (max) 9 h 59 min
        Tolerance timer +/- 1 se


        More features.

        Foot switch
        IQ/OQ/PV documents


        Our brochure.

        AR 403 Brochure

        AR 403 Brochure

        Download our brochure for more in-depth information.